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Berensluis – Bridge 65 | Information and history

The current incarnation of Berensluis dates from around 1950 when it was rebuilt in the late summer. Dienst der Publieke Werken designed the bridge and at the time Piet Kramer was still responsible for the aesthetics of bridges. He is not mentioned by name however and his influence is mainly found in the cantilevers on the bridge piers. It seems much too wide for the amount of traffic in the area because in 1890, the bridge was in the news during talks about filling in the Elandsgracht, as well as determining the supply of the Central Market Hall that had yet to be built. In 1892 the tender took place for the widening of the existing bridge and it was not made more narrow during subsequent renovations.
Photos from the archive
1. The association building Felix Meritis at Keizersgracht number 324 with numbers 322-320 and the Berensluis, Brug 65 on the right
2. Elandsgracht (left) before the filling in in 1891, seen across the Prinsengracht to the Westerkerk. On the right the Berensluis, bridge 65
1883 t/m 1890
3. The Keizersgracht towards the Westertoren and the Berensluis. 1825 Kruyff, Cornelis de, Lutz, A., Buffa en Zonen
4. Renovation of the Berensluis (Bridge 65) over the Prinsengracht for the Berenstraat 25 Jul 1950 ANP
5. Reesluis, the Berensluis and the Looierssluis 1953 ca. t/m 1995 ca. Collectie Bureau Monumentenzorg
6. Brug 65 Collectie Het Grachtenboek 1990 ca

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