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Prinsensluis – Bridge 60 | Amsterdam

Prinsensluis (Bridge 60 Princes Lock)
Just like the canal and the cross street located here the name of the Prinsensluis comes from the Prince of Orange. Regarding the naming of Prinsensluis, it is named after Prince Maurits of Nassau, who was a prominent figure in the Dutch Republic during the 17th century. Maurits was the son of William the Silent, who played a key role in the Dutch struggle for independence from Spain. Maurits himself was a military commander and statesman who played a significant role in the Dutch Republic’s rise to power during the 17th century.
Since the layout of the Jordaan is different from that of the histric canal belt, the Anjeliersstraat, located slightly more to the north, does not completely connect to the bridge and a so-called pie slice stands in the way. Consequently the café located on this corner has had number of vehicle hit it due to cars overshooting.

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