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Amsterdam has hundreds of historic bridges but Spijkenisse just outside Rotterdam has a unique set of bridges worth a day trip!
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Pieter Speelmansingel, Spijkenisse, NL is the location of this amazing set of bridges designed by Dutch artist Robin Stam. A decade after the Euro notes began circulating around Europe he started toying with the idea of turning these infrastructre fictions into physical realities. With help from designers and engineers all over the Netherlands and the okay from the local council.

The resulting set of bridges arrayed around a small neighbourhood south of Rotterdam are painstakingly precise recreations of the imaages on the reverse of the notes, right down to the bright colours associated with the banknote artwork using colour matched concrete.

The 5 Euro Brug is located on Pieter Speelmansingel whilst the 10 Euro Brug is around the corner on Gerard Fonkertsingel.

The designer Robin Stam is a brand specialist. He created these bridges in his home town in 2013.

The 20 Euro Brug is also located on Gerard Fonkertsingel.

The scale of the bridges is somewhat loosely interpreted as each bridge is shrunk down into pedestrian crossings and they are composed of a concrete crossing with a prefabricated facade.

Back on the Pieter Speelmansingel is the 50 Euro Brug and the 100 and 200 Euro Bruggen with the final 500 Euro Bridge being back on Gerard Fonkertsingel.

Real bridges based on the Euro banknote artwork! The Euro became the basis for a series of real-life structures, meticulously modelled after fake structures on the back of Euro notes. Find them at Spijkenisse in the Netherlands.

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Address and visitor information

The Euro bank note bridges
Address: Gerard Fonkertsingel
3201 MA Spijkenisse
Near: Rotterdam
Province: Zuid-Holland

Visit: The Euro bridges are located on both sides of a very residential area with not much else to do so you should allow approximately 1 hour for your visit.
At the Gerard Fonkertsingel you will find the 500, 10 and 20 euro bridges and at the Pieter Speelmansingel you will find the 5, 50, 100 and 200 euro bridges.


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