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Noordsche Compagniebrug – Bridge 54 | History and information

Bridge 54 Noordsche Compagniebrug information and history
The modern history of begins in 1887 when a (too) high arch bridge was lowered in connection with the changing traffic (more traffic took place over the bridge than shipping under the bridge). There was already talk of a bridge with three passages. The municipality is not in a hurry, because they did not have the money and in 1889 it was still being talked about. In 1891 the time has come, when the quays and bridge piers are being erected again and an iron girder bridge was built. Confidence in arch bridges was not great at the time (a number of those bridges showed subsidence at the time) resulting in the collapse of also over the Keizersgracht, in 1894. Arch bridges were therefore replaced by girder bridges but as we know then some were made to look like the old arched bridges again in the early 1970s/1980s.
Unlike the previous bridges over the Keizersgracht, this bridge has not been returned to its “old” appearance and retains all the characteristics of the bridges that were laid down around 1893. So no architectural lie here.

Bridge 54
Photos from the archive
1 The Keizersgracht seen in a northerly direction to the Noordschebrug (bridge 54) in front of the Prinsenstraat 1881 t/m 1898, Andreas Theodorus Rooswinkel (1838-1909)
2 Seen to the east, with the Noorderkerk at the bottom left, the Prinsengracht and the Prinsenstraat in the middle, and the Keizersgracht with the Noordschebrug (bridge 54) at Herenstraat. Right below the Westerstraat. Dienst Publieke Werken. 20 april 1970
3 Noordschebrug (bridge 54) over the Keizersgracht at the height of the Herenstraat 1953 ca. t/m 1995 ca.
4 On the left Keizersgracht 114, 112 and lower and at number 102 the Remonstrant Church. In the distance the Noordschebrug (Brug 54) between Prinsenstraat and Herenstraat, Anoniem Onbekend c1900.
5 Noordschebrug (bridge 54) between Prinsenstraat (left) and Herenstraat (right). Half-stereo photo. 1860 ca. t/m 1870 ca.

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