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Discovering Amsterdam's Bridges: A Guide to the City's Iconic Landmarks

Spijkenisser Eurobruggen | The Bridges of Europe

Amsterdam has hundreds of historic bridges but Spijkenisse just outside Rotterdam has a unique set of bridges worth a day trip!

The bridges on the back of the euro banknotes are not real European bridges, but abstractions. Forms from European cultural history were chosen, including Gothic and Rococo.

“They chose bridges, because they stand for communication between the EU and the world, build bridges, such clichés,” explains the Rotterdam designer Robin Stam. “But the European bank did not want existing bridges because it did not want to favour anyone.”

What is now in the new De Elementen (The Elements) district is a playful take on these bridge designs on a pedestrian scale.

Read more about my visit to Spijkenisse and see more pictures of the bridges below.

The Euro notes the bridges were based on

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