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Prinsensluis – Bridge 60 | History and information

Prinsensluis/Bridge 60 information and history
The current (or at least the piers of the current bridge) dates from 1767, as evidenced by a date stone in the right pier when looking north and then on the left pillar you will find inscribed “Anno” so “Anno 1767”.
The bridge played a role in the Eel Riot in 1886 when protesters threw rocks at police and infantry who fired live ammunition; there were dead and wounded at the riot. The Palingoproer or the Eel riot was a popular uprising in the Jordaan in Amsterdam on July 25 and July 26, 1886. The riots started when the police tried to thwart playing the forbidden game of eel pulling on the Lindengracht.

Photos from the archive
1. Prinsensluis (brug 60) over de Prinsengracht bij de Prinsenstraat Collectie Bureau Monumentenzorg 1953 ca. t/m 1995 ca.
2. Han van Gool, Collectie Bureau Monumentenzorg 1976
3. In wintertooi. de Prinsensluis (brug 60) naar de Noordermarkt. Martin Alberts, Collectie Stadsarchief Amsterdam: 21 december 2007
4. Prinsensluis (brug 60) over het water van de Prinsengracht bij de Prinsenstraat 1953 ca. t/m 1995 ca
5. Prinsensluis (brug 60) Han van Gool, Collectie Bureau Monumentenzorg: 1976
6. Saturday bridge for Tweede Goudsbloemdwarsstraat (left) and Eerste Lindendwarsstraat (right). Horizon with Roman Catholic Church De Posthoorn. Photo probably taken as a result of the Eel riot. Onbekend, Anoniem
7. The Lindengracht before the damping, looking at the Saturday bridge – notorious for the Palingo riot Description The Lindengracht with the Saturday Bridge in front of the Eerste Lindendwarsstraat. The bridge was notorious for the eel riot. Collectie Atlas Dreesmann 1883 t/m 1895

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