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De Reesluis – Bridge 64 | Map and location

Like most of the centre of Amsterdam’s historic canal ring there has been a bridge here for centuries before the current Reesluis. Balthasar Florisz. van Berckenrode drew the bridge on his map in 1625 when the bridge is shown as an extension of the Rhee Straet over the Prince Graft. Fast forward to modern times and the bridge is still an extension of the Reestraat over the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam just the names have modernised alongside the bridge that was originally probably a vault bridge with three passages which we know thanks to a painting by Reinier Nooms from around 1664 and a drawing by Willem Hekking from about 1845.
The Reestraat does not carry on through after it crosses the bridge due to the allotment pattern of the Jordaan located on the other side of the Prinsengracht not matching that of the canal belt.

Many people know this bridge as the western edge of the boutique shopping district known as the nine streets or negen straatjes.
52.372399, 4.882967

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