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Brug tweeënzestig – Bridge 62 | Amsterdam

This bridge is located in the eastern quay of the Prinsengracht and crosses over the Leliegracht . #brug62 forms the end of the Leliesluis, a former lock complex from the time when the Prinsengracht formed the edge of the city. The name of the lock was not transferred to this bridge, but to #bridge61 which spans the Prinsengracht just here.
Until April 2016 it was known as the Grote Brouwerssluis. When the municipality of Amsterdam decided that names that could not be traced should be deleted the bridge became known by number alone. Unlike many of the other unnamed bridges so far, the fact that Amsterdam also has a Brouwersgracht and a Brouwerssluis located a kilometer to the north, may have played a part in the removal of this name.

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