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Brug 66 – Bridge 66 | History and information

Balthasar Florisz. from Berckenrode drew a bridge here on his map from 1625, then located over the Prince Graft from Run Straet to Loyers Graft.

The bridge is also shown in a drawing by G. Warnars, Noah van der Meer and P. den Hengst, which also capture the fire in the Amsterdamsche Schouwburg, located on the Keizersgracht, but seen from the Looierssluis in the Prinsengracht. That fire occurred on May 11, 1772.

The bridge is probably  reduced in height at the end 19th century to accommodate road traffic once shipping traffic here decreased. The bridge has external features that were lowered and widened at the end of that century, seen in particular in the piers. It is now a plate bridge and in the early 21st century, the bridge deck was replaced by dark brick, laid between natural stone curbs.



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