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Angenietje Swarthofbrug – Bridge 67 | Map and location

The Angenietje Swarthofbrug is located in the northern quay of the Leidsegracht and spans the Prinsengracht. The bridge forms a whole with bridge 122 and bridge 93 both of which are in the quays of Prinsengracht over Leidsegracht.

As with most of the central canal belt bridges there has been a bridge at this location for centuries. Daniel Stalpaert drew a bridge here on his map from around 1662. He lived and worked for some time at Leidsegracht 108, the city masonry garden nearby so knew the bridge well. The Leidsegracht at that time formed the boundary between already built and yet to be built, but planned, Amsterdam. South of Leidsegracht, apart from a single building, there  is nothing marked on the map. What is clearly visible on that map are the compacted walkways on the north side of the bridge, possibly moorings. Jan de Beijer painted the bridge around 1755 in which those walkways are visible, as well as a bridge with a large arch and two small arches. Then again in 1824, the bridge is painted but shown to be different by Johannes Jelgerhuis.

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