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Angenietje Swarthofbrug – Bridge 67 | Amsterdam

The Angenietje Swarthofbrug road bridge is located in the northern quay of the Leidsegracht and runs over the Prinsengracht. The bridge forms a whole with bridge 122 and the bridge 93 both of which are in the quays of Prinsengracht over Leidsegracht.

The bridge had an untraceable none historic name and until April 2016 it was known as the Kleine Brouwerssluis. Then in 2016 the municipality of Amsterdam decided that some names were to be removed from bridges without historic significance or if the name could be confused with another bridge or location (Amsterdam already has a Brouwersgracht and a Brouwerssluis  about a kilometre north) so like many of the previous Brug 66 this bridge became unnamed and was known simply as Brug 67. Then in December 2021 the bridge was given a new name: Angenietje Swartbrug. Angenietje was one of the ‘minnows’ in Amsterdam, women who received foundlings through the City chaplain in Amsterdam, which was located closeby at Prinsengracht 436. Angenietje Swart is believed to have cared for 126 foundlings.

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