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Discovering Amsterdam's Bridges: A Guide to the City's Iconic Landmarks

Aalmoezeniersbrug – Bridge 68 | Map and location

The bridge is located in the Leidsestraat and spans the Prinsengracht.

Leidsestraat: Leidsestraat is a bustling and vibrant street known for its many shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. It stretches from the Singel canal in the south to the Leidseplein square in the north. The street is a popular shopping destination, offering a mix of well-known international brands, local boutiques, and specialty stores. It is often crowded with tourists and locals alike, especially during weekends and peak tourist seasons. The atmosphere is lively, with street performers and musicians adding to the charm of the area.

Prinsengracht: Prinsengracht is one of the main canals in Amsterdam and runs parallel to Leidsestraat. It is part of the famous Canal Ring, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The canal is lined with beautiful historic buildings, many of which are traditional canal houses dating back to the Golden Age of Amsterdam. These houses feature distinctive gabled facades and serve as a reminder of the city’s rich architectural heritage. Along Prinsengracht, you can find houseboats moored along the canal, which is a characteristic sight of Amsterdam’s canalscape.

Intersection: The intersection of Leidsestraat and Prinsengracht is a bustling and lively area with a mix of commercial activities and scenic beauty. It is an ideal location for both shopping enthusiasts and those interested in exploring Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. The intersection is close to various attractions, such as the Leidseplein square, the Vondelpark, and several museums, making it a popular starting point for tourists exploring the city.

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