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Lekkeresluis – Bridge 59 | History and information

Lekkeresluis/Bridge 59 information and history
Again no surprise that there has been a bridge here for centuries. can already be seen on Joan Blaeu’s map from 1649. The current bridge dates from 1754, left and right of the middle passage of the three on the north side of the bridge are two stones with “Anno” and “1754”. The bridge number is carved into the top stone of the central vault on the same side. Also on that side are stairs to the water surface. Although the bridge had to lift heavy loads over the centuries, it was still found in 1946 that it was in good condition. Although the municipality tried to move cars out of the city centre, the traffic became heavier and heavier. In 1976 the bridge was reinforced with concrete and in 1991 the bridge had to be reinforced again.

Photos from the archive
1. Lithograph of Lekkersluis Linse, H.J.C. Collectie Stadsarchief Amsterdam
2. in the middle Brug 59, the Lekkeresluis. Collectie Jacob Olie Jbz. 15 juni 1894
3. Lekkeresluis, Brug 59. Collectie Bernard F. Eilers april 1940 t/m oktober 1940
4. de Lekkeresluis (brug nummer 59). Wintergezicht. Collectie Bernard F. Eilers februari 1916 t/m januari 1918
5. Prinsengracht (hoek Brouwersgracht) Collectie Atlas Dreesmann 27 april 1902
6. the Papiermolensluis and the Lekkeresluis at right angles to it. 1953 ca. t/m 1995 ca.
7. Canal tour of wherries in the Brouwersgracht at number 101-97 Description Middle: arch bridge 57 “Papiermolensluis” and right: arch bridge 59 “Lekkeresluis” with entrance Prinsengracht. Collectie G.L.W. Oppenheim 26 september 1953

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