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Brug Achtenveertig – Bridge 48 | History and information

Bridge 48 history and information
The bridge was unofficially known for years as the Felix Meritis Bridge due to the nearby Felix Meritis. This commercial link was one of the reasons that the bridge was discussed in 2016 by the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam and is now known simply as .
The modern history of the bridge started around 1949/1950 when the bridge had to be widened, and Piet Kramer provided advice. In the early eighties the municipality decided that the old bridge had to be restored to its former glory and the bridge was given three vaulted passages. When the municipality started replacing the bridges along this stretch and built a number of bridges that were more in keeping with the historic centre of the city so around that time 46 and all had replacements in a faux old style.

1 & 2 Brug 48 Annemieke van Oord-de Pee, 1990
3 Brug nr. 48 en Keizersgracht nr. 310-316
4 Brug nr. 48 en Keizersgracht 322-302
5 Keizersgracht 303-311, vanaf Wolvenstraat met brug nr. 48
6 Building Bridge 48 from Berenstraat to Wolvenstraat over Keizersgracht 8 april 1980
7 Keizersgracht 314-334 (from right to left) with Felix Meritis at number 324, right the bridge from Berenstraat (left) to Wolvenstraat (Bridge 48) Uit de serie Vues de Hollande, nr. 30. 1860 t/m 1865

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