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Kaasmarktsluis – Bridge 32 | Map and location

Map and location of Bridge 32 Kaasmarktsluis

Spanning the Herengracht and connecting the Thorbeckplein with the Reguliersgracht, this bridge holds a special place and offers a unique view in Amsterdam, earning its nickname, the Bridge of 15 bridges (Brug van 15 bruggen). The name “15 bridges” comes from the fact that when standing on this bridge with your back to Thorbeckeplein, you can see six arched bridges along the Reguliersgracht. Additionally, if you look down Herengracht to the left, you’ll spot another six bridges, while two more bridges can be seen to your right along the Herengracht. Therefore, the 15th bridge is the very one you are standing on. City architect Daniël Stalpaert had already envisioned a bridge at this location in his 1662 map. However, the area still required substantial development, as indicated by a map created for the land issue of May 1664. Jacob Bosch also depicted the bridge in his plan of the Fourth Explanation. Furthermore, Frederick de Wit’s 1688 map revealed a fully equipped neighborhood, complete with an additional bridge in this vicinity.

The Six Bridges (Zes Bruggen) on Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam are a series of picturesque and iconic bridges that span the canal. Reguliersgracht is one of the most charming canals in the city, known for its unique shape, with seven bridges in close proximity forming the distinctive crescent curve.

Location: Reguliersgracht is located in the historic center of Amsterdam, within the canal belt. The canal runs between the Herengracht and Prinsengracht, parallel to the Keizersgracht.

Architectural Design: The Six Bridges are renowned for their classic Dutch architectural design. They are typical low arched bridges with brickwork, stone railings, and ornate details, which are characteristic of Amsterdam’s canal bridges from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Scenic Beauty: The area around the Six Bridges on Reguliersgracht offers stunning views and is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors to take leisurely walks, cycle, or enjoy a boat tour along the canal.

Photography and Sightseeing: The series of bridges on Reguliersgracht is a popular subject for photographers and a must-see attraction for tourists exploring Amsterdam’s canal belt. The picturesque setting with the bridges and the canal makes it a postcard-perfect scene.

Historical Significance: The bridges on Reguliersgracht are not only beautiful landmarks but also hold historical significance as part of Amsterdam’s rich heritage. The city’s canal belt, including Reguliersgracht and its bridges, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Vibrant Neighborhood: The area around Reguliersgracht is known for its lively atmosphere with numerous cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. It attracts both locals and tourists, making it a vibrant and sought-after neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Accessibility: The Six Bridges on Reguliersgracht are easily accessible, and you can explore them on foot or by bike while taking in the charming ambiance of the canal belt.

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