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Kaasmarktsluis – Bridge 32 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 32 The Cheese Market Lock (Kaasmarktsluis) brug nummer tweeendertig
The Bridge of 15 bridges (Brug van 15 bruggen). This viewpoint is named the 15 bridges because standing on the odd-numbered side with your back to Thorbeckeplein you can see 6 arched bridges across the Reguliersgracht. Look down Herengracht to the left and you see another 6 bridges. Furthermore, two more bridges are visible to your right over Herengracht. Finally, the 15th bridge is the one you’re standing on.
The bridge is named after the cheese market that was held on Reguliersplein, later renamed Thorbeckeplein close to the Rembrandtplein also historically the butter market.
It spans the Herengracht at an angle of 90 degrees, the south-eastern shore side seamlessly merges with that of the Tante Saarbrug (bridge 31). In that joint quay wall a foundation stone with “Anno 1734” on it. It is striking that the bridge has only one passage as most bridges over the “large” canals have multiple passageways. A wider passage was not necessary on this bridge because bridge 34 further along is also so narrow.
The bridge was almost removed in 1907 as there was a plan to create a direct connection between Rembrandtplein and Ferdinand Bolstraat. The Reguliersgracht would be filled in to create this. However it was decided to widen the Vijzelstraat instead. In part his choice came about because of the beauty of the Herengracht section here.

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