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Johanna Borskibrug – Bridge 41 | History and information

Johanna Borskibrug history and information
It is one of three bridges designed as a group which includes and . During the widening of the Vijzelstraat from 1911, architect Jo van der Mey made designs for the three bridges. They have some unity in appearance however, the building of them took place in phases during the widening of the Vijzelstraat. Piet Kramer was forced to design three new bridges, for he largely used the original, but for and he made a completely new design. Bridge 41 was not completed until 1923.

Pictures from Amsterdam Archive
1 Keizersgracht 607 – 18 augustus 1974
2 Op de voorgrond Brug 41 over de Keizersgracht. Rechts Keizersgracht 642-658 – around 1900
3 Links de zijgevel van Vijzelstraat 81, op de achtergrond de Vijzelstraatflat met op de hoek Vijzelstraat 36. – mei 1944
4 Gezien naar Keizersgracht ca. 596-648 – mei 1944
5 Beschrijving De Vijzelstraat gezien vanaf de brug over de Keizersgracht richting Herengracht, vóór de verbreding in 1917 – around 1916
6 Johanna Borski 1809-1860

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