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Brug Vijfentwintig – Bridge 25 | Map and location

Map of Brug 25

Bridge 25 forms the connection between the Oude Spiegelstraat and the Wolvenstraat in the area of the iconic Nine Streets in the Amsterdam canal belt. This charming bridge, just like its predecessor bridge 24, gracefully spans the picturesque Herengracht, one of the most beautiful canals in the city. Its elegant structure adds to the timeless beauty of this historic neighborhood, attracting locals and tourists alike to admire its architectural splendor and take leisurely strolls along its banks. Stepping onto this bridge is like stepping into a piece of Amsterdam’s rich history, where the past and present coexist harmoniously, inviting you to explore the vibrant atmosphere of the surrounding area. So whether you’re a visitor or a resident, this bridge is sure to captivate your imagination, offering a charming glimpse into the enchanting world of Amsterdam’s canal network.

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