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Brug Vijfentwintig – Bridge 25 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 25. (Brug vijfentwintig) Unnamed.

Further along the Herengraght we have a municipal monument although it is an unnamed bridge. The bridge became a monument on October 10, 1995, in part due to its striking cantilevers on the pillars.

Bridge 25: A Historic Link in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets

Nestled within the charming neighbourhood of the Nine Streets in Amsterdam’s ring of canals, the Wolvenstraat Bridge forms an essential connection between the Oude Spiegelstraat and the Wolvenstraat, spanning gracefully over the picturesque Herengracht. With its three passageways, the bridge stands as a testament to Amsterdam’s rich history, with a width of 5.65 meters and a height of 1.79 meters.

A Bridge of Centuries Past:

The presence of a bridge at this location dates back centuries, captured on Balthasar Florisz. van Berckenrode’s map from 1625. This historic cartographic artifact reveals an arch bridge with five passages, guiding travellers over the Lord Graft towards the enchanting Wolve Straet, a name still reminiscent of the Wolvenstraat today. The Wolvenstraat Bridge has been a witness to the ever-evolving life along Amsterdam’s canals throughout the ages.

A Renewed Vision:

The current iteration of the Bridge was constructed in 1910, a testament to Amsterdam’s dedication to preserving and enhancing its infrastructure. A tender was called for tons of iron, marking the renewal of this bridge and another nearby, Bridge 5 between Raamsteeg and Oude Spiegelgracht, which spans over the Singel, a canal leading back into the city.

The Transformation Process:

The renovation of the Bridge took place between August 18, 1910, and January 17, 1911. The previous bridge was carefully dismantled to make way for the new construction. During this process, one incident involving a horse and cart falling into the water due to a steep slope highlighted the need for improved design and safety measures.

A Bridge Restored:

After the renewal, the Bridge saw few major alterations, with traffic flow reclassification being one of the key changes. The bridge retained its iconic charm while meeting modern safety standards, allowing pedestrians and vehicles to traverse it seamlessly.

A Monument of Significance:

Recognising the historical and architectural importance of the Bridge 25 in Amsterdam, the municipality declared it a municipal monument on October 10, 1995. This designation celebrates the bridge’s enduring presence and its role in Amsterdam’s rich cultural heritage.

The Striking Cantilevers:

One striking feature of the Bridge 25 lies in the cantilevers, ingeniously integrated into the pillars. These cantilevers contribute to the bridge’s distinctive appearance while showcasing Amsterdam’s artistic flair and engineering prowess.


The Bridge 25 stands as a cherished link between Amsterdam’s Oude Spiegelstraat and Wolvenstraat, gracefully spanning the Herengracht in the historic neighbourhood of the Nine Streets. From its inception centuries ago to its renewal in 1910, the bridge has borne witness to the city’s growth and transformation. Today, it stands as a testament to Amsterdam’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage while embracing modernity. The Wolvenstraat Bridge continues to charm locals and visitors alike, drawing them into the enchanting world of Amsterdam’s ring of canals.

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