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Brug drieëntwintig – Bridge 23 | Amsterdam

So as you know there was a delay in pictures for bridge 23 caused by logistics of the bridge not being between bridges 22 and 24.
Bridge 22 is located in the Kinkerstraat and spans the Bilderdijkgracht in Amsterdam West. It’s relatively new for Amsterdam (1929) and was built by Piet Kramer, who built eight of the bridges in Amsterdam and his signature style means granite and decorative ironwork.
Bridge number 23 had previously been assigned to the bridge along Herengracht over Warmoesgracht in the center of Amsterdam. When the Warmoesgracht was filled in 1894, to make way for the Raadhuisstraat, the old bridge was demolished, and number 23 became available for use again.
Personally I would just not reuse the numbers but hey I didn’t design the system.

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