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Torensluis – Bridge 9 | Amsterdam

Discovering Amsterdam’s Oldest Bridge: A Look at Torensluis

Torensluis is not just a bridge; it’s a piece of Amsterdam’s history. As the oldest bridge in the city, it has seen centuries of change and development. From its unique design to its cultural and historical significance, there is much to explore and discover about Torensluis.

The Torensluis is a historic bridge over Amsterdam’s Singel Canal that has stood the test of time. It is the oldest original stone bridge in Amsterdam and the widest of its kind.

Bridge number 9 (Brug Negen) Torensluis is an arch bridge over the Singel in the centre of Amsterdam near Dam Square and at 42 meters it is one of the widest in the city. The reason for this is that previously there was a tower on the bridge, the Jan Roodenpoortstoren.

Another reason it is quite wide is that originally in 1648 during the design of the bridge the plan was to build shophouses on the wide bridge similar to the Rialto Bridge in Venice and bridges across the Thames in London. It is not clear if this plan ever came to fruition though it seems unlikely as except for a couple of houses there is no documentary evidence for this.


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