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Brug Acht – Bridge 8 | History and information

For many years bridge 8 was known as Huiszitsluis or Huiszitbrug. This name related to the Huiszitpakhuis (warehouse), which was located here until the end of the 19th century. The Huiszitsteeg ran between the Singel and the Huiszitspakhuis. So the building, nearby road and bridge all had similar naming. This location is where the Amsterdam Main Post Office was built more recently. So since this building no longer existed knowledge about the name of the bridge and its connection with the past had been lost so in July 2016, after a consultation round, the city council decided that this unofficial name could no longer be used in official documents. This is one of many bridges that suddenly became “unnamed” at this time.

Bridge 8 was designed by Piet Kramer and built from February to December of 1925 and is part of a set of three bridges designed at the same time which include bridge 22 and bridge 106. All three have some characteristics belonging to the Amsterdam School which Kramer championed including decorative ironwork for the balustrades the brick bridgeheads and natural stone columns.

1925: Piet Kramer

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