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Brug Acht – Bridge 8 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 8 (Brug Acht) is an unnamed bridge although it is a National monument (Rijksmonument). So yes you may have seen a pattern of bridges 1-6 moving along Singel from the flower market. You’d probably expect bridge 7 to be Raadhuisstraat bridge. You would be wrong. Bridge 8 on the other hand. Yes let’s just pretend bridge 7 didn’t happen and continue along the Singel. Until 5 July 2016, this bridge had the unofficial name Huiszittenbrug, which referred to the Huiszittenpakhuis. However, this name has been removed since the municipality decided to remove all unofficial names. It didn’t help the case for this bridge that most people did not know about the connection with the Huiszitpakhuis since it was demolished at the end of the 19th century and the name made less and less sense over the years.

The bridge is part of a set of three bridges (bridge 8, bridge 22 and bridge 106) in the traffic route to and from Amsterdam-West via Rozengracht. All three have the same appearance, which can be seen in the decorative ironwork for the balustrades.

1925: Piet Kramer

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