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Steenhouwerijbrug – Bridge 45 | History and information

Steenhouwerijbrug history and information
This bridge has a very similar history to including it being a slab bridge at the end of the 19th century because the adjacent , also an arch bridge had collapsed over the Keizersgrachtand again recent renovations converted it to a more aesthetically pleasing arched bridge. The bridge is drawn on the boundary between the built-up area and his design for the new district south of the Leidsegracht. Frederick de Wits map from 1688 shows the bridge in place.

Pics from Amsterdam Archive
Bridge No. 45 before restoration April 1974
3 Left Bridge 45. In the background Keizersgracht 452-462 and Leidsegracht 34-38. 1894
4 In the foreground the Steenhouwerijbrug (Bridge 45). Original cabinet photo published by A. Jager. 1868 t/m 1875
5 Left on the corner Keizersgracht 419 and in the foreground left Bridge 46 over the Keizersgracht and middle Bridge 45 over the Leidsegracht. The towers of the Roman Catholic church De Krijtberg on the Singel in the offing. Postcard by A.J. Nuss. 1910
6 Bridge 45 December 1980
7 +8
Bridges 44-45-46 December 1980

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