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Pastoorsbrug – Bridge 55 | Amsterdam

Pastoorsbrug (The Pastor’s Bridge number 55)

Located in the southern quay of the Brouwersgracht spanning the Keizersgracht. It is therefore the northernmost bridge over Keizersgracht since it does not continue on the other side of the Brouwersgracht. The bridge is relatively young and is not a monument itself but it shares the quay wall with which is a municipal monument.
Another nickname for the bridge is Kippenbrug, which goes back to the general term for pedestrian bridges in Amsterdam.
It is not clear where the name Pastoorsbrug comes from although it is suspected that it may have to do with a nearby hidden church at number 22 from around 1663 and its replacement the Sint Ignatiuskerk (also called De Zaaier) from around 1837.

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