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Brug Zesenveertig – Bridge 46 | History and information

Brug 46 AKA Quellijnbrug history and information
This bridge has a very similar history to and including it being a slab bridge at the end of the 19th century because it collapsed over the Keizersgrachtand and again like and recent renovations in the 1970’s converted it to a more aesthetically pleasing arched bridge. The bridge is drawn on the boundary between the built-up area and his design for the new district south of the Leidsegracht. Frederick de Wits map from 1688 shows the bridge in place.
The unofficial name of the bridge was the Quellijnbrug named after the sculptor Artus Quellinus. He had his workshop on the Molenpad (around the corner from the bridge). He was a neighbour of Pieter and François Hemony the bell founders The bridge is not located near the Quellijnstraat which is in Amsterdam-Zuid and only received its name at the end of the 19th century. This deviation of location from a street is one of the reasons that the Quellijnbrug was discussed in 2016 at the Municipal Executive of Amsterdam. A check of the bridge names showed that the name did not meet the guidelines that apply to be included in the Basic registration of Addresses-Buildings so like became unnamed.

Pics from Amsterdam Archive
1 Bridge 46 collapsed on Sunday 11 November 1894. Photo 358 from the album of W.J.R. Dreesmann 1894
2 Bridge No. 46 before restoration April 1974
3 Keizersgracht seen in western direction to the Quellijnbrug (bridge 46) in front of the Leidsegracht 1867 – 1883
4 In the foreground left bridge number 46. Right bridge number 45 and the entrance of the Leidsegracht.
5 Bridge 46 Plan of the stone bridge / map 1727
6 Collapsed bridge 46 Keizersgracht / Leidsegracht, as seen towards bridge nr. 47 Runstraat (left) and Huidenstraat (right) Jacob Olie Jbz. November 25, 1894
7 The bridge collapsed on Sunday, November 11, 1894.
8 Brug nr 46 vóór restauratie April 1974

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