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De Tante Saarbrug – Bridge 31 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 31

The Aunt Saar Bridge (De Tante Saarbrug) brug nummer eenendertig

This bridge was named Aunt Saar after Sara Bachrach / Sara Bacharach / Sara Bacherach (1887-1982), who had a flower stall on Rembrandtplein for many years and a store on Thorbeckeplein. The bridge did not receive its name until 2016 when the municipality of Amsterdam called on the population to submit names for bridges without one. Aunt Saar Bridge, as it is commonly known, holds a significant place in the heart of Amsterdam. It serves as a symbol of the city’s history and the contributions made by its residents. Sara Bachrach, also known as Sara Bacharach or Sara Bacherach, was a remarkable woman whose entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her community have left an indelible mark. For many years, Aunt Saar operated a charming flower stall on Rembrandtplein. Her passion for flowers brightened the lives of locals and tourists alike. The fragrant aromas and vibrant colours that emanated from her stall became a beloved part of Amsterdam’s landscape. As if that wasn’t enough, Aunt Saar also had a store on Thorbeckeplein, further cementing her presence in the city’s bustling streets. Her store was a gathering place for residents, a hub of activity, and a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving the community. It wasn’t until 2016 that the municipal authorities in Amsterdam recognised the importance of this bridge and called upon the population to suggest names for the nameless bridges scattered throughout the city. The voice of the people resounded, and Aunt Saar’s name emerged as the perfect homage to a woman who had touched the lives of so many. Today, Aunt Saar Bridge stands tall, a symbol of perseverance, community, and the power of recognizing those who have made a difference. It serves as a reminder of the cherished memories and significant contributions of Sara Bachrach, ensuring that her legacy will continue to thrive for generations to come.

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