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De Lucas Jansz Sinckbrug – Bridge 36 | Map and location

Map and location of Bridge 36 (De Lucas Jansz Sinckbrug)
This bridge is located also located on the western quay of the Amstel but spans the Keizersgracht the next canal along from Herengracht. This makes it the last bridge over the Keizersgracht, which ends here. Bridge 36 has been a municipal monument since 1995.

There has been a bridge here for centuries. Daniël Stalpaert the city architect drew a bridge in his plan of 1662, but buildings are still missing so it is more of a street plan than a true map. However, Jacob Bosch and Frederick de Wit also drew the bridge on their maps of 1679 and 1688 over the Keijsers Graft.

2 Map of the Beemster polder by LJ Sinck from 1612
3 A 17th century map of the Purmer, made by the Amsterdam surveyor Lucas Jansz Sinck
4 De brug op de kaart uit 1679

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