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De Hendrick Jacobsz. Staetsbrug – Bridge 35 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 35 The De Hendrick Jacobsz. Staets Bridge

(De Hendrick Jacobsz. Staetsbrug) brug nummer vijfendertig

The bridge is located on the west bank of the Amstel and spans the Herengracht , which ends here. On the other side the canal continues, but under the name Nieuwe Herengracht , starting at the Walter Süskind Bridge.
Bridge 35 is named after Hendrick Jacobsz. Staets (circa 1558/1559 – circa 1630/1631) who was a city carpenter of Amsterdam and in that capacity one of the main responsible for the design of the canal belt of Amsterdam. Staets worked together with the city master stonemason Hendrick de Keyser and the city master mason Cornelis Danckertsz. the row. As a city master carpenter, he was closely involved in the construction of the Noorderkerk and the Zuiderkerk there.

The present bridge proudly showcases two inscribed stones on the Amstel side, bearing the markings “Anno” and “1728,” flanking the middle passageway. Its historical significance was highlighted when it played a crucial role in the construction of bridge 34 in Utrechtsestraat. Skippers were puzzled by their ability to pass under this bridge but were subsequently obstructed by the low bridge 34. The bridge carries an antiquated charm, but in 1972, it underwent modernization with the reinforcement of reinforced light concrete from within, while its foundations were strengthened in 1977. This architectural gem has held the status of a municipal monument since 1995, proudly preserving its heritage and enriching the city’s cultural landscape.

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