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De Beulingsluis – Bridge 27 | Map and location

Map of Brug 27
De Beulingsluis is located across the Beulingsloot alongside the northeastern quay of Herengracht in the canal belt of Amsterdam. At the opposite end of the Beulingsloot is Krijtbergsluis Brug 3

The Execution Lock Bridge: A Historic Crossing on Amsterdam’s Canals

Gracefully spanning the Beulingsloot within Amsterdam’s ring of canals, the Execution Lock Bridge finds its place along the northeastern quay of the illustrious Herengracht. This bridge’s historical significance dates back centuries, with its existence captured on Daniel Stalpaert’s map from around 1662. The current structure likely emerged in the early 1900s when it underwent necessary repairs or renewal, adhering to the timeless design of a typical “Plate Bridge.”

An Enduring Link:

The Beulingsluis Bridge stands as a testament to Amsterdam’s rich history, serving as a crucial crossing over the Execution Lock for generations of residents and visitors. Its presence on Stalpaert’s map underscores its enduring importance to the city’s infrastructure.

A Distinctive Design:

As a quintessential “Plate Bridge,” the Execution Lock Bridge showcases the architectural style commonly found in Amsterdam’s canal network. This design, characterised by its practicality and functionality, has stood the test of time, continuing to provide a reliable passageway for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

A Canal Network’s Tale:

Across the Beulingsloot, nestled within the Singel, lies the Krijtbergsluis. Like the Krijtberg Lock, the Execution Lock Bridge has weathered the passage of time, withstanding potential threats of demolition and canal dampening in the early 20th century. However, the plans to alter these areas fortunately remained unrealised, preserving the unique character of Amsterdam’s historic canal system for future generations.

A Testament to Preservation:

Over the years, the idea of damping the Beulingsloot and undertaking drastic demolitions was pondered, but ultimately, the city chose to safeguard the area’s charm and architectural heritage. As a result, the Execution Lock Bridge has stood firm, remaining a witness to Amsterdam’s ability to embrace modernity while cherishing its cherished past.


The Beulingsluis Bridge serves as a timeless symbol of Amsterdam’s canal network’s resilience and historical significance. For centuries, it has connected the northeastern quay of the Herengracht, inviting locals and visitors to traverse its pathway and immerse themselves in the city’s rich tapestry of history. As Amsterdam continues to evolve, this bridge remains an enduring link to its illustrious past and a reminder of the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural and architectural treasures.

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