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Brug Vierentwintig – Bridge 24 | Map and location

Map of Bridge 24. Unnamed.
Bridge 24 is a fixed bridge in the centre of Amsterdam. It forms the connection between Gasthuismolensteeg and Hartenstraat and spans the Herengracht. It’s the north east corner of the ‘negen straatjes’ shopping area. The bridge, itself is not a monument, although being in the centre it is surrounded by municipal and national monuments.

Bridge 24’s Role in Amsterdam’s Canal System: Connecting Two Historic Neighborhoods

Bridge 24 plays a vital role in connecting two of Amsterdam’s most historically significant neighborhoods: Jordaan and De Pijp. The Jordaan district is known for its charming streets, traditional Dutch architecture, and vibrant arts scene. In contrast, De Pijp is a melting pot of cultures and home to some of the city’s best bars, restaurants, and shops. Bridge 24’s location between these neighbourhoods has contributed to their continued development and has facilitated cultural and economic exchange between them. Walking across the bridge today, visitors can experience the unique characteristics of both areas and understand how they have shaped Amsterdam’s culture and identity.

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