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Corsgenbrug – Bridge 12 | Amsterdam

Corsgenbrug (Brug 12) was named after wood buyer Corsgen Jacobsz,
who in the 15th century had an orchard on the Singel, which was at that time just outside the city. It is another bridge that spans over the Singel, Bridge 12 is just to the north of Bridge 11.

It is the location of what is sometimes referred to as the Queer Garden a peculiar usage of random objects such as broken mannequins or toilet bowls used as pots for plants and flowers. Tiny but makes the city a little more quirky.

Corsgenbrug has been a national monument (rijksmonumenten) since 1995.
It was redesigned by Wichert Arend de Graaf and rebuilt between 1913 and 1914.

1913: Wichert Arend de Graaf
Dienst der Publieke Werken – Department of Public Works

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