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Muntsluis – Bridge 1 | Amsterdam

Bridge number 1 (Brug 1) The Muntsluis. This may not be the first bridge in Amsterdam but it’s number one. When the bridges were numbered it made sense to start at the central point of Amsterdam’s web-like Canal network. Zoom in on the first picture and you can see the number painted in the middle of the bridge span.

It’s a fixed bridge and clearly used to be a lock as it still bears the name sluis not brug.

Muntplein (Mint square) is actually the bridge span over the Singel canal. If you’ve ever been to the famous Amsterdam flower market then you’ve likely crossed over this bridge.

The bridge is located over the place where the Singel flows into the Amstel . The bridge forms the connection between the east quay of the Singel, the Kalverstraat , the Rokin , the west quay of the Amstel, the Reguliersbreestraat and Vijzelstraat . The traffic intersection bears the name Muntplein. North of the bridge is the Munt (Mint), the namesake of the bridge and square. The statue of Lady Fortuna by Hildo Krop has been on the bridge since 1972, except for the period when it was stolen.

1915: J.M. van der Mey
1939: Piet Kramer

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