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Papiermolensluis – Bridge 57 | Map and location

Brug 57/Papiermolensluis map and location
West along the Brouwersgracht from this bridge connects the eastern quay of the Prinsengracht with the eastern quay of the ‘short’ Korte Prinsengracht over the Brouwersgracht.
There has been a bridge here for centuries. Balthasar Florisz. van Berckenrode already drew a bridge over the Brouwers Graft in the Prince Graft here. Seen from the city, it formed the end of the Brouwerssluis. Whether the bridge was there then, around 1625 is unknown and the use of the northern lots on the Brouwersgracht was far from complete, there were open areas everywhere. If Joan Blaeu ‘s map follows in 1662, the entire neighbourhood had been laid out and three bridges had been drawn at this water intersection.

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