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Brug Zesenvijftig – Bridge 56 | History and information

Bridge 56 information and history
The modern history of the bridge started in 1910 with the municipality of Amsterdam issuing a tender for the “widening of the fixed bridge no. 56 on both sides”. A contractor could perform this work for less than 6500 guilders. From February 1, 1911, to May 31, 1911, the bridge was out of service for traffic. The bridge was probably lowered during this work. According to a drawing in the archives of the Bureau Monumentenzorg, (see image 1) “no. 56” could be read on one bridge pier and “Ao. 1795” on the other which was also captured in a photo of July 1891. Because cantilevers were used during the widening, these texts are not visible now. Incidentally, that drawing also shows what the bridge would look like if it had been given five passages.

Photos from the archive
1. Drawing in the archives of the Bureau Monumentenzorg with number and date highlight.
2. Brouwersgracht 118-130 (d.) (left, from left) seen in an easterly direction to Brug 56 for Keizersgracht 1-5 (right) with the tower of the Ronde Lutherse Kerk in the background. Braun, Gaston, Braun et Cie. 1864

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