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Brug Achtendertig – Bridge 38 | History and information

Information and history of Bridge 38 (Unnamed)
Around 1900, two stones on either side of the bridge could still be seen on the bridge with “Anno” and “1729” inscribed onto them. Jacob Olie and Herman Misset recorded this by means of a photo in 1891 and a drawing in 1906. According to Misset, the bridge number was also carved out in the middle arch. These were removed during the renovation in 1908 and then in 2016, the unofficial name of Oetgens lock also disappeared. This unofficial name was for Frans Hendricksz. Oetgens but his name was already linked to the Frans Hendricksz. Oetgensbrug , in the western quay of the Amstel over the Prinsengracht .

Jacob Olie 1897 with left and right the two “date stones” (Amsterdam Archives)
A skating party on December 17, 1946 (Amsterdam Archives)
A skating party at the bridge, March 2, 1955 (Amsterdam Archives)
Bridge 38 at night (Vox)

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